Boys R Us: Best Friends for Hire

On this week’s episode Clare and I read Boys R Us from Lisi Harrison’s The Clique series. You can listen to this episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you like to listen. As a reminder, some of these links, including our link, are affiliates.

I’m still working my way through The Night Olivia Fell by Christina McDonald, and if you’re interested in learning more about maternal somatic support after brain death, there’s a whole Wikipedia page dedicated to it (please donate to Wikipedia so they leave me alone). Clare finished Cobble Hill, which is currently on sale!

Funnily enough, there’s actually also an entire Wikipedia page dedicated to the Justin Long Mac vs. PC commercials. Didn’t realize they were such a cultural moment! The ads actually ran from 2006 to 2009, so perfect timeline to serve as Lisi’s inspiration.

As of writing this the Kim and Kanye news still isn’t official, but given the PR power the Kardashian family wields, I highly doubt this isn’t true.

Lululemon was founded in 1998, so pretty far off of The Clique, but I hadn’t heard of Golden Goose until I was in college so I was thoroughly impressed to see Lisi name drop that brand.

Try and tell me this looks like Rosemary’s Baby!
Peak Mary Kate and Ashley boho fashion.

Stop the presses: you can get Pinkberry delivered!

This is the look Tiny Nathan was serving, definitely.

Did you know the Mannings have a third brother who doesn’t play football because he has a spine condition?

State of the Union

Courtney’s week

My birthday!Picking your cuticles

Clare’s week

Fueling your body with what you needStagnantion

Next week we’re reading Kristen for our Summer Series episode, and These Boots are Made for Stalking for our regular series.

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