Bonus Episode: Kristen (Summer Collection #4)

For this bonus episode we read Kristen, the fourth book in the Clique Summer Collection. You can listen to this episode on Apple PodcastsSpotify, or wherever you like to listen. As a reminder, some of these links (including links) are affiliates.

This week I’ve been flexing my crossword muscle with the NYT. If you’re not on board yet, join me!

Here’s a mini puzzle I did in December, clearly I was very proud of my work (1:35)

Here’s a link to the Try Guys vs. Puzzle Master video I referenced (3:58) Here’s the Babish Culinary Universe episode I mentioned and the one Clare mentioned (5:34). According to this Business Insider article, Carla left BA’s video side after negotiations failed to adequately address the issues Sohla and other BIPOC staff raised (6:02). Also this AD tour is so adorable (7:28).

This is how I picture Ripple, except put her in clothes from Justice (14:26)

According to this webpage from the Smithsonian you can see bioluminescence off the coast of the Atlantic, but due to clams rather than phosphorescence (16:58). In fact, the page doesn’t mention phosphorescence at all. But you can in fact surf in Long Island!

Omg Chanel does sell a skateboard (for over $7k) and I’m obsessed (22:34)
Turns out I was wrong in my mental picture of Shakespeare because basically every picture of him has a mustache (40:00)

I do not trust this source on how to potty train cats (46:12).

Look at these cute and fun Roxy girls! (50:11)

You can still buy the Daring Book for Girls, on sale even (58:15)!

I think the thing I like most about Apex Predator was its blending of Cady’s backstory growing up in Africa and her anthropological look at American high school culture (1:29:00).

If you want to listen to the episodes in the story’s chronological order, wait until the Claire episode comes out and then go back to Bratfest at Tiffany’s and listen to the regular series from there (1:30:18).

Vincent Longo Bronzella is actually a lip gloss that looks to be discontinued (1:39:00).

Join us next time for These Boots are Made for Stalking and Claire, our last summer series book.

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