Bonus Episode: Alicia (Summer Collection #3)

For this bonus episode we read Alicia, the third book in the Clique Summer Collection. You can listen to this episode on Apple PodcastsSpotify, or wherever you like to listen. As a reminder, some of these links (including links) are affiliates.

This week I’ve been watching the Dan Brown course with Masterclass (0:48). Clare recommends The Lost Symbol from his series (1:42). In her downtime she’s been rewatching Sex and the City (2:30). I think I might jus be willing myself to feel excited about the Gossip Girl reboot instead of resentful of seeing something I grew up with become rebooted already, and the only Otto Bergmanns I saw on Google were professors at our old university or play college for Canisius College (2:54).

This is the vibe Nina is serving, except blonde (8:58)
Imagine this, but mini and inside a tank that’s also an elevator (16:07)
Nina’s party outfit and hair inspiration (19:12)

I double checked the book and Alicia describes Nigel as “definitely cute in a Beckham sort of way,” not awkward or gawky (19:50). I seriously doubt she would have given him the time of day if he was both not-Spanish and gawky, regardless of how much money he had.

Swarovski is more than just fancy glass, it’s fancy glass made with a secret method and a high concentration of lead (22:54)

In 2019 the minimum wage in Spain was €900.00 per month, which is equal to $1,103.22 USD (26:09). If both Nina and Alicia make minimum wage in Spain at this rate (which was raised by a staggering 22% compared to the previous year, meaning their 2009 wages would be significantly lower) it would take the two girls over 13.5 months to pay back the hotel. That’s before taxes!

Okay just because peacocks aren’t endangered doesn’t mean you should trap them in your laundry room at your hotel (31:50)

Kim Kardashian dated Reggie Bush on and off from 2007 to 2010 (41:56).

Here’s a whole article about glow-in-the-dark lip gloss (including one sold by NYX) if you’re interested in looking like Massie (and Nina, I guess) (50:39).

Wouldn’t it be nice to commit grand theft and be able to go back to San Francisco so you can get back to your other interests? (51:30)

Here’s a song all about clout goggles if you don’t get the reference (54:33).

First Christopher Columbus, now this? (56:40)
Reverse ¡i!

Since Dylan was on such an idyllic vacation, Clare would rather be at her family’s beach house in Charleston, and I’d rather be in Santa Monica. @ Adam Brody, meet me in the O.C.! (59:01)

Join us next time Boys R Us and Kristen.

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