Bonus Episode: Charmed and Dangerous—The Rise of the Pretty Committee

On this week’s episode Clare and I read Charmed and Dangerous: The Rise of the Pretty Committee, the prequel to Lisi Harrisons The Clique series. You can listen to this episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you like to listen. As a reminder, some of these links, including our link, are affiliates.

Here’s a link to a TikTok compilation of the “I’m fucking crazy, but I’m free” vibe Massie and Kristen are both clearly going for in this book (14:00).

It seems the only way you can watch Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s 2001 instant classic Holiday in the Sun (if you don’t own your own copy) is by buying it on iTunes for 15 whole American dollars. A worthwhile investment (14:40).

We can also confirm that Robyn Rihanna Fenty first hit the scene in 2005, so this is in fact a different Rihanna, perhaps one who actually pronounces her name like Ahnna (29:50).

Turns out the marshmallow snowman Clare pictured was way scarier than what I had in mine (31:15)

Turns out Toyota has been manufacturing the Prius since 1997 (the year I was born!) which means this book is 5% more reality-based than we first thought (43:35).

Clare was right: the resort where Claire is meant to get her midnight kiss is the same resort where the toddler was killed by that alligator (44:15). Disney removes tons of alligators every year apparently, but it’s unclear if they got the specific culprit?

Gucci Fall 2001 RTW, definitely 9-year-old Dylan Marvil vibes (1:07:39)

If we ruled the world


Serious“Massie” rule
Reproductive justice 4 all!No non-natural material sweater can cost more than $40
Courtney’s first rules once in charge of the world (1:10:30)


Serious“Massie” rule
Free period products 4 all!Clare gets a Birkin bag
Clare’s rules post-world domination (1:11:50)

See you on Thursday for Dial L for Loser!

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