The Pretty Committee Strikes Back: Every Kiss Begins with Kuh-laire

On this week’s episode Clare and I read The Pretty Committee Strikes Back, the fifth installment in Lisi Harrisons The Clique series. You can listen to this episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you like to listen. As a reminder, some of these links, including our link, are affiliates.

In our free time this week, I’ve been watching Avatar the Last Airbender (0:38).

An only semi-unflattering picture from a family trip to Lake Placid (6:23)

Hillary Clinton was a Senator of New York during this book’s events, so it kind of makes sense that she might speak at a girl’s school in her home state during this time (10:09)

A rough approximation of Mr. Myner (21:52)
I tried to find a picture of Calum and myself on the bus to/from rowing and this was the closest I could get. Calum is actually the Derrington-esque butt in this photo (25:40)
Olivia “Galaxy Brain” Ryan (45:30)

Double checked and I’m 90% sure I was right about how igloos work, although I’m not sure Lake Placid would have been the right place to construct one anyway (47:40).

You can actually buy Alicia’s signature perfume for yourself or your favorite 12 year old girl at Sephora. Angel’s key notes are chocolate, caramel, honey, and vanilla (57:53). You can also pick up Kristen’s signature scent: Clinique Happy (58:24). Regardless, please check out the perfume sampler kits so you can snag a free full-size perfume because that feels like an unbeatable deal (59:30).

Did you read Hatchet? I didn’t. Probably won’t ever, unless a handsome paper towel model reads it to me in front of a campfire (1:09:30).

I also think logically speaking anyone who sees Cam in the girls’ cabin would wonder why the “girl” is wearing day clothes in the middle of the night instead of pajamas, but I digress (1:12:01).

The perfect-kiss reaction we all hoped for growing up
Dior did feature camo in their S/S 2001 line, with Gisele as a perfect model (1:33:46)

State of the Union

Clare’s week

Your “superhero” outfitsDevaluing yourself
Clare’s in and out (1:35:57)

Courtney’s week

BakingPilling sweaters
Courtney’s in and out (1:39:01)

Join us next week for a very special episode—Charmed and Dangerous: The Rise of the Pretty Committee, and if you’re able, please consider donating to a charity helping indigenous communities, like the Navajo Water Project.

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