Gossip Girl: Framing Blair Waldorf

On this week’s episode Clare and I read our first book in our new season: Gossip Girl. You can listen to this episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you like to listen. As a reminder, some of these links, including our Bookshop.org link, are affiliates.

This week I’ve been listening to The Baby-Sitters Club Club, and Clare is still working her way through her meta-series. As of writing this I still haven’t watched Framing Britney Spears, because I don’t want to be angry/sad. But the Coffee With My Ex podcast actually did a dedicated episode to it this week. This is the Promising Young Woman review Clare mentioned.

Here’s the Rolling Stone cover Clare alluded to.

This is a scene from The One Where Rachel Smokes. Everyone deserves outdoor breaks during work!

Apparently there are over 1,700 ranked tennis players, although I find it hard to believe Blair would settle for being the worst at anything, even the worst-best tennis player.

Should I watch Definitely, Maybe? It’s available for free on Peacock.

Found a whole blog post dedicated to the birds in Central Park, although if you’re worried about those Peregrine Falcons being able to raise funds in a pandemic, rest assured that the species is ranked “least concern.”

The YikYak about Clare

And here’s one of the Avon gossip Twitter accounts I mentioned.

Here are a few of the quotes I thought were pretty good from this week’s book:

“Blair had put her brain on pause, and her head was full of static. She was tired of dreaming up movies. Right now, real life suited her just fine.”

page 187

Or was it a sad smile because their friendship was over?

Maybe they were smiling because they both knew deep down that no matter what happened next—no matter what boy they fell in or out of love with, or what clothes they wore, or what their SAT scores were, or which college they got into—they both would be all right.

After all, the world they lived in took care of its own.

page 195

State of the Union

Courtney’s week

Good writingFan fiction that gets to become books

Clare’s week

Taking care of yourselfWork

Join us next week for our second Gossip Girl episode, You Know You Love Me.

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