Sweet Deceit: Model Shoes, Never Worn

We’re continuing season 5 with Sweet Deceit by Kate Brian. Yes, this is a spinoff of the last series we just read. You can listen to this episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you like to listen. As a reminder, some of these links, including our Bookshop.org link, are affiliates.

I’ve been reading All of Us Villains by Amanda Foody and Christine Lynn Herman and Clare has been drinking.

Jasper Hale is a racist

I’m personally trying not to read too much into the name meanings behind the alter egos for the Stone and Grave members. Miss Temple is the kind, protective, and smart teacher in Jane Eyre. King Lear is old and petty, only to be betrayed. Becky Sharpe is a social climber who exposes upper-class people for who they really are.

Natalie Portman is wearing green in The Other Boelyn Girl, so you know she’s conniving.
Seal is actually 6’4 so I’m not sure how big Conrad needs to be to make Seal look small
Jordan Fisher just seems like such a good Conrad fit

State of the Union

Courtney’s week

Gratitude journalingNot exercising

Clare’s week

Maintaining your positive energyEating poorly

Thanks for joining us! Join us next week with Pure Sin.

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