Scandal: Billings Loser Society

We’re continuing season 4 with Scandal by Kate Brian. You can listen to this episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you like to listen. As a reminder, some of these links, including our link, are affiliates.

This week I’ve been watching The Magicians, and Clare’s been reading Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik. You can also buy The Magicians (the book) on

Anna and Elsa on Once Upon a Time look like birthday performers

Riverdale does a several-year time jump after high school. Archie does go to war.

Maybe HH was going for a Peaky Blinders suit?

Secret Societies at Yale is actually its own Wikipedia category.

Petition to add Kieran Scott to the Gamma Phi Beta notable alumnae list.

State of the Union

Courtney’s week


Clare’s week

Finding joy in little thingsTikTok

Thanks for joining us! Stop by next week as we read Vanished by Kate Brian.

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