A Tale of Two Pretties: Gawd Save the Queen

On this week’s episode Clare and I read our final Clique book: A Tale of Two Pretties. Did you know this is the first book where every girl on the cover is smiling? You can listen to this episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you like to listen. As a reminder, some of these links, including our Bookshop.org link, are affiliates.

Turns out the previous season of Worst Cooks in America was the one with the child murder, not the current season (2:04). No spoilers! The show I thought Clare was talking about was actually Unique Sweets (3:19). Here’s the Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe Clare mentioned, if you’re interested in trying it. (3:50). Clare’s still reading all those books from last week!

Turns out Thanksgiving-scented candles are real and available for purchase even now, in late January (12:47). This one smells like “Buttery mashed potatoes and salted gravy join delicious notes of sage stuffing, sweetened with a hint of cranberry sauce.

Don’t you just want to eat this well-executed marketing campaign? (13:21)

M&M’s is doing a sale ahead of Valentine’s day if you’re looking for a customizable gift! (18:40)

Okay so Zachary Levi has been in 3 musicals and starred as Eugene in Tangled, which came out in 2010, a year before this book was published, which all tracks for making him a bit more heartthrob-worthy than Chuck. I’m still confused about his song with Katherine McPhee, though (26:49).

By the way, we didn’t end up addressing the Mark Salling comment Lisi referenced, but essentially Claire likens her excitement for her new house to the thought of Mark Salling inviting her to sing with the cast of Glee, a reference that ultimately didn’t age well due to his legal issues and subsequent death (27:32).

The 21 Club is real and definitely has a cute, Alicia-wearing-Ralph aesthetic (31:22) although it is closed due to the pandemic.

Alicia explaining to Len that they’ll just “write off” the custom bags she ordered for the sale (37:32)

There are actually between 1,500 and 4,000 castles (not palaces) in England, which seems like a lot compared to the number of palaces (16). They are all in various states of inhabitability, but the potential is there (40:18).

Double checked and made sure that the examples I listed actually are deus ex machina (42:37).

So New York is a one-party consent state for recorded conversations, but Massie is a minor and the only legal precedent I could find related to minors having a recorded conversation with their parents (49:39), so unsure what the implications are for the Marvilous Marvils. Either way the show aired Dylan telling her mom Massie’s poor and Massie brushed it off saying that everyone knows reality shows are all lies anyway.

James was the 9th-most popular name in 2010 (1:04:43).

The full title of the handbook Clare referenced is To Manner Born, To Manner Bred: The Hip-pocket Guide to Etiquette for the Hampden-Sydney Man which sounds hardcore to say the least (1:08:54).

One of the many promotional photos I took while working at/for GW (1:11:36)

Colby College is actually 714 acres, which is still surprisingly a lot considering the school is so small (1:12:48). Fun fact, Colby was actually founded in Massachusetts, because Maine hadn’t become its own state at that time.

There were several of these Grace Kelly convertible images to choose from. Lady knew her look! (1:16:59)

State of the Union

Courtney’s week

Going to sleep earlyNot using what you pay for

Clare’s week

JeopardyStaying up late

Whoever wrote the entry on the Derrington Clique wiki fandom page, please contact me because I demand answers (1:21:07). Next week is our final episode for The Clique series, The Clique movie.

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