Bonus Episode: Dylan (Summer Series #2)

For this bonus episode we read Dylan, the second book in the Clique Summer Series. You can listen to this episode on Apple PodcastsSpotify, or wherever you like to listen. As a reminder, some of these links (including links) are affiliates.

This week I watched Home Alone 2 and Frozen 2 (1:19). Clare watched Meet Me In St. Louis, (here’s the song clip Clare was referencing), and Christmas in Connecticut (4:04).

Naomi Osaka was 21 when she won the 2018 US Open (8:21). Not as impressive as if she was 14, but this is the Clique Cinematic Universe, not reality.

The first autofill option for “Peabody Hotel Memphis” is “ducks” and they recommend arriving 30 minutes early if you wish to watch the duck march (11:53). Looks like their spa is also an homage to their famous flock!

According to this Forbes article, many tennis clubs around the world enforce Wimbeldon’s all-white rule (14:16).

Serena Williams at the US Open (14:24)
Here’s how we picture Svetlana, except with a braid (14:57)
In 2008, 27 year old Paris Hilton had just won a Golden Raspberry award for her performance in The Hottie and the Nottie (16:52)

I’m not linking “fatburgs,” sorry Clare! (17:49). Instead, just buy this aesthetic millennial bidet (18:14).

Should I get caviar doughnuts? I’m leaning towards yes (20:02).

Here’s young Adam Brody (our Brady lookalike) with his future wife/our future alpha Blair Waldorf (28:06)
True Life: I was a NCAA Division 1 athlete (32:43)

Since Dylan was on such an idyllic vacation, Clare would rather be at her family’s beach house in Charleston, and I’d rather be in Santa Monica. @ Adam Brody, meet me in the O.C.! (59:01)

Join us next time for P.S. I Loathe You and Alicia.

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